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At Your Fingertips

What are the makings of a vibrant, active community? Part of the recipe is a full calendar of life enrichment programs for you to choose from—created by listening to and learning from you. From exercise and wellness to adventures in the larger community, we provide great sources of joy, excitement and relaxation—each and every day. We’re always sure to make time for laughter, connection and friendship, and include those ideals in everything we do.

We encourage everyone—not just our residents but also our team—to lead healthier, more active lifestyles, helping build a culture that celebrates every moment in our journey together.

Life Enrichment Calendar

We offer a calendar as full as you want it to be. Feel free to choose from any number of activities, or just relax in the comfort of home and in the company of friends.


May 2023

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Graceful Dining

Food brings us together. Whether sharing an intimate meal with a best friend or celebrating a special occasion with all your loved ones, we are certain that living here will satisfy your appetite for connection with others and for the most delicious food

Salad with Shrimp

Health & Wellness

Living well can mean lots of things. It’s seizing opportunities to connect with others, explore interests, grow spiritually and nurture a healthy lifestyle. It’s being part of a community where you feel valued and welcome. At The Residence at Bethel Park, we provide all the ingredients our residents need to live up to their full potential. From fitness lessons to therapeutic programs and everyday activities that define our vibrant community, everything we do is guided by a sense of purpose.

Clean Air Commitment

Residence at Bethel Park is proud to feature air purification technology!

We have always been committed to the health and safety of our residents, and the COVID-19 pandemic has deepened that commitment. Through unprecedented times and ever-changing protocols, we have continually strived to exceed guidelines and exceed expectations. One critical component has been repeated cleaning and sanitation of surface areas. We are proud of our surface area sanitation protocols and the dedication our team has each demonstrated to maintaining a healthy and clean environment for our residents and associates.

We are pleased to share that Residence at Bethel Park now features an additional layer of protection that goes beyond surface sanitation. We have installed Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI™) air purification technology to better protect our residents and associates from COVID-19, the flu, and more. NPBI™ is certified ozone-free, and safely inactivates harmful pathogens and particles before they can spread.

NPBI™ air purification technology is another industry-leading precautionary measure that sets Residence at Bethel Park apart. We are committed to investing in the health and wellness of our residents and associates. With the most advanced surface and air purification technology in place, our residents and associates can have confidence and peace of mind knowing they are better protected from COVID-19.

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